10 Hollywood Stars Who Love Indian food


Some actors like Charlie Sheen have openly taken potshots at Indian cuisine. Whose love for a spicy Indian platter is widely known. Take a look at these Hollywood stars who love Indian food.

From tasty food to colorful clothes, India is a land of cultural diversity. Here are some firangi celebrities who couldn’t hide their love for desi things.

1. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds left Indian fans pleasantly surprised when he revealed that he secretly visits Indian restaurants. The star took to Instagram to pick his favourit curry house in Cheshire and dubbed it the restaurant with the ‘best Indian food in Europe’.

2. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp improved his appetite when he treated friends to an Indian feast in Birmingham. The star reportedly shelled out more than $62,000 (roughly Rs 48.16 lakh) on the lavish dinner.

3. Paul Rudd 

Paul Rudd sent Indian fans into a frenzy when they headed to an Indian restaurant to dine on a sumptuous desi thali.

4. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise made headlines when he dined at Asha Bhosle restaurant in the UK and ordered Chicken Tikka masala with extra spices. He loved the ‘authentic Indian meal’ so much that he went for a second helping.

5. Nick Jonas

 Nick Jonas is married to a ‘desi girl.’ Priyanka Chopra, has grown quite fond of Indian food. Ask him to pick one dish on the menu, and he’ll go straight for Butter Chicken.

6. Robert Pattinson 

Robert Pattinson While shooting for ‘Tenet’ in Mumbai, Robert Pattinson developed quite a liking for butter chicken and naan.

7. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore may love sampling different Indian cuisines, but nothing impresses her more than the flavours of masala chai.

8. Matt Damon 

Matt Damon surprised everyone when he revealed that the right blend of spices in Indian curries makes him happy. However, his favourite dish on the menu is stuffed naan and chicken tikka.

8. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts while shooting for ‘Eat, Pray, Love, ‘ Julia Roberts grew quite fond of Indian food that she devoured chapatis, rice-curry, Kadhi paneer, and even aloo gobi.

9. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt in an interview with the Times of India, Brad Pitt opened up about his love for Indian food, especially chicken masala, dal and naan

10. Madonna Queen

Madonna Queen of pop Madonna loves the ‘magical aromas of Indian food! She once revealed that she satisfies her craving for carbs by eating South Indian food and mentioned that she loves the smell of fresh coriander in curries.

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