4 Bollywood Directors Fell In Love With The Actresses Of Their Movies

The Indian film industry is among the largest industries in the country. Every year, a thousands of young people come to test their luck but while the majority don’t get the chance. However, there are only a handful who are recognized by famous producers and directors. There are instances where directors have fallen in love with the actresses they’ve commissioned or who have given the role in their films. We’ve compiled a list of B-Town directors who could not stop themselves from becoming infatuated with their actors.

1. Dev Anand:

Dev Anand's romance to Zeenat Aman

Dev Anand is one of the most beloved actors of all time and his films continue to be watched with excitement long after he’s left in the eyes of the entire world. He began the course of his Bollywood acting career in the role of an actor, but later on, he started film-making.

Dev Anand’s romance to Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman who was the stunning, bold and beautiful actress of days gone by, has captured the hearts of many with her stunning beauty, as well. Dev Anand was no exception. They both met at first on set in “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” (1971) and gradually as time passed, he began developing feelings for her and recorded it on his autobiography, Romancing with Life (2007) and. But, Zeenat Aman never had these sentiments towards Dev Anand which she stated in an interview from the past.

2. Vikram Bhatt:

53 year old producer and director Vikram Bhatt, the brother of famed director Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt is famous for producing his own “Raaz” horror film and Aamir Khan’s film “Ghulam” where the female lead role was performed by Rani Mukherji.

Vikram Bhatt’s relationship with Sushmita Sen

Miss Universe was a former model. Miss Universe made her Bollywood debut in “Dastak” (1996) that is directed by Mahesh Bhatt. Vikram Bhatt was a part of it as a scriptwriter. They had an affair , despite their marriage status. Vikram Bhatt married around the time. Later, during an interview, the actor expressed regret over his affair with Sushmita due to which he separated from his daughter and wife.

His relationship was with Ameesha Patel

Following Sushmita Sen’s departure, Vikram Bhatt had an affair with actress Ameesha Patel. They had a relationship for five years, before ending their relationship.

3. Anurag Kashyap:

Anurag's relationship with Huma Qureshi

He is among the most well-known directors in the current times and has also appeared in a few films. He was married twice, but as chance would have it his marriage did not last each time.

Anurag’s relationship with Huma Qureshi

Anurag Kashyap launched Huma Qureshi in “Gangs of Wasseypur” and she was acknowledged for her acting talent not only by viewers but also by critics too. The two were seen at various times together, and rumors of an affair were circulating. Huma was blamed for the problems during Anurag’s second marriage to actress Kalki Koechlin. Both Huma and Anurag have always denied anything was happening between them.

4. Ram Gopal Varma:

The director-producer has not only in Bollywood but in cinemas in the south as well . He is famous for breaking stereotypes as long as filmmaking is concerned. He also offered a shot to numerous actresses, and his connections with some of them have made headlines in every major daily.

RGV’s involvement with Urmila Matondkar

Urmila Matondkar was an actress in several films. It is N. Chandra’s “Narsimha” in which she made her debut real life, however she became famous after appearing on RGV’s “Rangeela”. It is believed that their relationship started following “Rangeela” as well. RGV was the one to cast Urmila in each film after that. But, they did not confirm their relationship, and there were rumors that it was due to Urmila the reason RGV’s marriage was broke.

RGV’s affair Antara Mali

Although Antara Mali did not have many success, she participated in a variety of films produced for RGV as well. It was reported that they were together however neither of them acknowledged the idea. But the inability of “Naach” left both disappointed and Antara did not want to spend any more time with RGV.

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