Ayushmann Khurrana’s Struggle as a Male Gynecologist in the Doctor G Trailer

The trailer for Doctor G, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Rakul Preet Singh, has finally been released by the film’s creators. Ayushmann, who portrays Dr. Uday Gupta, struggles in the trailer to be a gynaecologist because he is aware that women do not feel comfortable with male gynaecologists. He has to let go of his “masculine touch” in the movie in order to treat ladies. The trailer opens with Ayushmann getting assaulted in a clinic by a patient’s spouse. In the following scenario, Ayushmann, who is uncomfortable treating women, asks a fellow college student to change the topic from him because he wants to study orthopaedics instead of gynaecology. But when she declines and inquires as to why, he replies, 

“How can I treat bodily parts I don’t have,” he said, leaving everyone in a state of shock. “Jo mere pass hai hi nahi uska illaj kaise karuinga.”
Uday is helped out of this idea by Shefali Shah, who plays the part of Dr. Nandini, a gynaecologist and Uday’s teacher. She counsels him to take his patients’ needs seriously and “loosen the macho touch.” Ayushmann makes a mistake while tending to a patient as the trailer comes to a close.

In the film, Sheeba Chaddha plays his mother, while Rakul Preet Singh plays Dr. Fatima, his classmate and potential love interest.

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