Ranveer Singh breaks the internet; goes naked for magazine shoot


Ranveer Singh is the only Indian actor capable of breaking the internet almost every time. Ranveer, a well-known actor and one of the best in the business, has been an advocate for gender equality by making gendered dress obsolete. Ranveer’s bold fashion statements, humorous comments and unabashed energy are just a few reasons why his fans love him.

It seems that the actor took the notion of breaking the internet too seriously when he posed naked for the cover of his latest magazine. Ranveer was completely naked for Paper Magazine’s latest issue, leaving almost nothing to imagination. Well, we can only say that Ranveer went naked for Paper Magazine’s latest issue. The Internet loves it!

Ranveer, inspired by Burt Reynolds is seen sitting on a Turkish rug in his birthday suit. As he poses in different positions for the camera, Ranveer is a charming actor.

The interview was then excerpted by the page, and Ranveer was quoted. I would like to be dressed in nice shit. I’ll eat my ****** ass and wear nice ****** shit. I am a bust, I work 20 hours a day. I’m not complaining. I’m just too happy and too thankful. But ****** I work hard. I will ****** purchase Gucci. I will wear it head to toe. Anyone who judges me may eat my f ****** ass.

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