Sonu Sood has announced a free online coaching programme for those preparing for the IAS test in 2022–2023

Actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood’s Sood Charity Foundation, in conjunction with Divine India Youth Association (DIYA), has launched the new session of Sambhavam scholarship for the years 2022–2023, following the resounding success of its very first free online coaching programme for IAS exams last year

Sambhavam is a special programme for civil service candidates getting ready to take the IAS exams. Selected students who enrol in this Sood-founded initiative receive free online IAS tutoring at prestigious Indian civil service institutions, mentorship support, and holistic personality development, creating new opportunities for youth empowerment and nation-building.

Sood Charity Foundation (SCF) and DIYA intend to give young people from less affluent homes an equal chance to compete in the IAS entrance exams with the second year of the Sambhavam scholarship initiative.

We are delighted to be working with Sonu Sood and SCF on this fantastic Sambhavam programme. With this initiative, we intend to assist many more applicants for the IAS regardless of their origins, and they will undoubtedly stand a high chance of passing the exam, according to DIYA’s Manish Kumar Singh.

The objective is to give IAS aspirants from all socioeconomic backgrounds equal opportunity and knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, said actor Sood.

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