The Taurus Personality, Zodiac signs

What you need to understand about this horoscope sign.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The bull is the symbol for Taurus, an earth sign. Taurus prefer unwinding in quiet, bucolic settings filled with soft sounds, calming fragrances, and sumptuous flavours, just like their celestial spirit animal. Venus, the alluring planet that rules romance, beauty, and wealth, rules Taurus. The earth sign of Taurus is the most sensuous in the zodiac due to the Venusian influence; these cosmic cows are seduced by any outward display of comfort and luxury. Taurus who are epicureans must have pleasure, and they are happiest when given attention. (Since Taurus rules the neck, these bulls are especially attracted to neck pats.)

It’s true that Taurus would spend the entire day taking baths in a tub filled to the brim with aromatic oils. These earth signs are also aware of the worth of money. Taurus aren’t hesitant to put in a lot of effort and work for significant benefits. They are driven, determined, and tough, and they feel safest when they consistently contribute to savings accounts.

Return on investment is what cosmic oxen are all about (the bull is also a symbol of Wall Street), and Taurus are skilled at playing the long game in both love and business endeavours. Taurus place a high priority on security, thus any threat to their stability will set a heavenly bull on edge.

Taurus is a fixed sign, which in astrology corresponds to the sign’s steady, devoted nature. Taurus place a high value on reliability and consistency in all aspects of their lives, and fixed signs are effective for maintaining systems. However, it should be emphasised that Taurus does have a reputation for being a bit stubborn; what a Taurus views as determination, others may view as intransigence.

As a result, these bulls could find themselves staying longer than required in unhealthy settings, such as relationships, employment, or homes, just to make a point. Taurus are loyal partners, assuaging their friends and lovers with their dependability and devotion despite their sporadic stubbornness.

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