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The Personality of a Aquarius, Zodiac signs


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
As a professional astrologer, I run into a lot of misconceptions, both in regards to my work as a stargazer and in regards to the scientific principles of astrology. The misconception that Aquarius is a water sign is one of the most common, albeit harmless, misconceptions. I can see how this would be confusing, especially with “aqua” as the prefix, but after you learn more about this sign of the zodiac, it becomes abundantly evident that Aquarius is an air sign.

With Aquarius being the eleventh and penultimate sign of the zodiac, it is also the final air sign, which means it deals with air-related ideas from a macro-perspective (more on that in a moment). Aquarius is without a doubt the most creative, forward-thinking, rebellious, and compassionate of all the signs of the zodiac. And while Aquarius is frequently seen plotting a revolution or proudly displaying their quirky fashion sense, they also have a sensitive side that is sometimes disregarded and needs respect, encouragement, and love.

It’s all about the mind with air energy. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs, which are very intellectual, inquisitive, and gregarious. They are passionate about interpersonal relationships. But Aquarius, the final air sign of the zodiac, takes these ideas to a whole new level. The water bearer (thus the “aqua”), a mythical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the earth, is the symbol of Aquarius. When considering Aquarius, which is symbolised by the Star card in tarot, picture a larger-than-life legendary person with one foot firmly planted on the land (indicating a sense of being anchored) and the other placed in the sea.

Aquarius is holding a vase that releases fresh inspiration to foster sturdiness, recovery, and optimism. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Aquarius is not a part of this process in this instance; rather, from this viewpoint, we can see that Aquarius is positioned as a separate entity from the moisture that gives the broken soil life. In this way, Aquarius reveals its strong ties to the community: With a strong focus on teamwork, cooperation, and the idea of the “greater good,” Aquarius is driven to significantly alter the course of the world.

Uranus, the planet that rules invention, technology, and unexpected events, rules Aquarius. Uranus excellently reflects Aquarius’ unique outlook, enhancing the unconventional nature of these imaginative air signs. Although they are great thinkers, Aquarians must also be aware of their surroundings. These water bearers may become so preoccupied with enacting widespread reform that they neglect their loved ones and develop a reputation for being cold in their interpersonal interactions. Aquarians should promote empathy and compassion whenever feasible and keep in mind that development always begins on a tiny level.

This sign does have a little of a reputation for being chilly, aloof, and a little bit detached because it is the humanitarian of the zodiac. The truth is that Aquarius despises trivial conversation. Petty chatter completely bores Aquarius, and the sign has no interest in trying to impress others. These revolutionaries are all about macro change because their astrological sign is dedicated to making a significant impact on a broad scale from the ground up. If Aquarius appears uninterested, it’s probably because the topic at hand isn’t community-focused. Aquarius strives to make a radical social progress. Changing the topic of the conversation from “me” to “we” (as in, the group) will definitely catch Aquarius’ attention!

Since these air signs don’t get along with authoritative figures, let alone any organisation that stands for tradition and ingrained custom, every Aquarian is a rebel at heart. You can usually tell someone has this air sign by their unconventional fashion sense, strange pastimes, and nonconformist demeanour. They are free-spirited and eccentric. Solar and lunar eclipses can have significant effects, so if you’re an Aquarius yourself, be on the lookout for these significant astrological events. There’s always more to learn about your Aquarius horoscope, so explore it more while you’re at it.

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