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Iran: protests over a woman’s death worsen, leaving 31 people dead, and the US punishes the morality police

According to news agency AFP, Iranian security forces intensified their assault on protesting residents on Thursday in response to the murder of a 22-year-old woman who died after being detained by the morality police. Since the violent skirmishes broke out, at least 31 civilians have died.

The Revolutionary Guards of Iran have urged the Islamic Republic’s judiciary to bring charges against “those who spread false news and rumours” about the woman whose death in police custody has sparked the protests, despite the fact that Iran continues to draw criticism from around the world and widespread demonstrations.

According to media sources, Amini was tortured while being held in detention after being detained by Iran’s morality police for donning “unsuitable clothes.” Three days later, Amini passed away. However, the Iranian authorities have denied mistreating Amini and claim that she passed away from a heart attack. The event is being looked into, according to the authorities.

In addition to expressing their condolences to Amini’s family and friends, the Guards said in a statement, “We have ordered the judiciary to identify and take swift action against those who propagate false information on social media and in public, endangering the psychological safety of society.”

While this was going on, the United States placed sanctions on Iran’s morality police, charging it of mistreating and violently suppressing Iranian women as well as of breaching the rights of nonviolent Iranian demonstrators.

The Iranian intelligence minister and the leaders of the morality police and ground forces of the Iranian army were also sanctioned, according to the Treasury.

It blamed the morality police for Amini’s demise. According to reports from foreign media, the demonstrations following Amini’s death are the largest in the Islamic Republic since 2019.

The majority of the protests have primarily taken place in Iran’s Kurdish-populated northwest, but they have also expanded to Tehran and at least 50 other cities and towns around the country. Police have used force to break up the protests.

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