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ED Arrests 2 in Money Laundering Case Against Satyendar Jain


A day after the arrest Satyendar Jain, Delhi’s health minister , Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal branded the Enforcement Directorate (ED), case “completely fraudulent and fraud” and stated that Jain was being targeted for “political reasons”.

“I personally have read Satyendra Jain’s case filed by ED, and it is totally fake. Political motivation is behind all the actions taken by centrally-maintained agencies. In this instance, Jain was also targeted for political reasons. Our government is honest and does not tolerate corruption. This case won’t last long. The truth always wins the end. “We have faith in our judiciary,” stated Kejriwal.

“We stood up against corruption and took steps to stop it. Our government has not been guilty of any corruption. As you can see, in Punjab, action was taken against a cabinet minister based upon audio recordings of the minister engaging in corruption. This incident was not reported by the media or opposition. We could hide it if we wanted, but we are a strict and honest government. The minister was immediately fired and action was taken. The Chief Minister noted that a similar incident occurred in Delhi a while back. “Prompt action was taken immediately against the minister,” he said.

“So, I’ve read Jain’s case and found it completely fraudulent and fraudulent. “I would have taken legal action against him and removed his party from the position and party if I found any fault or wrong against him. But this case is completely fake, and there is no fault of his part,” Kejriwal said to reporters as he inspected the streetscaping project at the PWD.

Jain, who is in charge of the portfolios for power, home and health, was taken into custody by the ED on Monday evening. This case was based on the CBI first Information Report filed against Jain in 2017 under the Prevention of Corruption Act. He was accused of laundering money through four companies that were allegedly connected to him. The ED proviso attached immovable property worth Rs 4.81 Crore to these companies last month.

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