Steam Games Are Making Their Way To Nreal’s AR Glasses


Nreal is a Chinese company that is an augmented reality (AR) company has announced a brand new beta program that allows you to play PC games direct to its range of AR glasses. It includes Nreal Light and the recently launched Nreal Air.

It is expected that the Steam on Nebula Beta is expected to begin sometime in the middle of this month, and will support “some” Steam games. Although it’s unclear what games will be supported at launch The company has confirmed the support of Dirty Rally as well as the whole Halo game series. The process of setting up isn’t exactly smooth as of now as per management, and you should be prepared for some hiccups in the process.

Once you’ve installed it and connected your PC to the app and your PC, you’ll be able to play games on a huge 200-inch HD display anytime and from anywhere. The application operates on Nebula the 3D interface of Nreal. Anyone who own Nreal Light or Nreal Light or Nreal Air are already able to stream games to their glasses through Xbox Cloud Gaming. The support for Steam games will only expand the entertainment options available on Nreal’s devices.

Nreal Light Nreal Light made its US debut in November and retails at $599. The AR glasses need to be physically attached with an Android smartphone with the USB Type-C cable order to work. It also has AR anchoring and hand-tracking features. The more sophisticated Nreal Air launched last year in China, Japan, and South Korea and is designed specifically for gaming and streaming.

Alongside in addition to Steam on Nebula beta, Nreal will be hosting an international contest for AR developers dubbed AR Jam. The event will start on June 27, and will be a mix of categories, ranging from games and art to fitness and videos every one of which will be awarded the prize of $10,000.


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