Why the appeal of Apple’s iPhone X is timeless

Apple’s iPhone X

I have seen a long line of people waiting to get into the Louis Vuitton boutique at Delhi’s Emporio Mall. It was not something I had hoped to be able to see, certainly not here in India. However, this was taking place. The scene stayed in my mind for a long time and I began to think about what it was that Louis Vuitton turned a luxury handbag “mainstream” without losing its “exclusivity” attractiveness.

A few years back, Apple made an attempt to place phones that could be as luxurious like bags from LV or a Gucci loafer. It transformed the $1,000 iPhone X – a luxury product as it was called by trade and press analysts – into a pop culture phenomenon. It wasn’t just that the iPhone X trigger a cultural change and a new era of technology, it also created the market for premium smartphones and long after Vertu was gone from the market.

As someone who is a keen observer of Apple and the market for smartphones I’m often left wondering how they managed to create an iPhone X a bestseller when many believed it was an exclusive product. With the first iPhone just turning 15 I had the idea of going back to it. iPhone X, one of my favorite iPhone models ever.

Thanks to the folks from ControlZ for sharing their unit with me I was able to test the new iPhone X for over a month. This is how I felt with my iPhone X in 2022 and why it’s still the “it phone that revolutionized technology for Apple and the whole tech industry.


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