YouTube is Testing a New Function That Enables Video Zoom


With its premium customers, the video-sharing website YouTube has been testing a new mobile app feature that would let them zoom in on any video.

The Verge reports that 9to5Google has highlighted that the most recent opt-in experimental feature allows a pinch-to-zoom motion for movies and that it operates in both full-screen landscape and portrait views.

According to the business, the zoom option won’t be made generally available until September 1st. This gives YouTube roughly a month to gather user feedback and make any necessary adjustments.

Open the options menu for YouTube on your phone or the website to enable pinch to zoom. According to The Verge, there should be a “test new features” area if you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber.

The zoom capability is the only component that is currently available for testing. The Verge’s testing revealed that no videos could be zoomed in closer after turning on the test, suggesting that there may be a delay between turning it on and being able to perform the pinch gesture. However, users should be able to zoom in up to 8x once it is activated.

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