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Everything about Chandigadh University MMS Scandal- News Rozana

Several female students in the hostel had posted private videos to a social media platform, the MMS scandal has caused demonstrations among students at Chandigarh University, which has shaken Punjab. A female student is accused of filming and disseminating “objectionable” footage of other female classmates.

Two wardens have been suspended for their incompetence in the matter, and the university has now been closed until September 24. So far in the investigation, three individuals, including the female student, have been taken into custody.

What exactly took place?

Students claim that one female student made and circulated “objectionable” videos of close to 60 other female students at the university. Many even asserted that the defendant had acknowledged reco23rding tapes of other women and transmitting them to a man in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, who then posted the videos online.

When footage showing students taking baths appeared online, they were in a state of astonishment.

Many students began to demonstrate and call for an impartial investigation, alleging that the university administration was attempting to cover up the incident. A student said that the institution denied making such tapes and that even the warden mistreated girls who shouted obscenities.

What was said by the university?

The Chandigarh University denied “the rumours of seven girls attempting suicide” in a statement.

“No pupil killed themselves. According to preliminary investigation, the accused teenager sent her own photos and videos to her boyfriend. Nothing else was discovered. filed a FIR. police investigating it Dr. RS Bawa, pro-chancellor of Chandigarh University, said to ANI, “I appeal to students and parents not to trust in any rumour (sic).

“All reports of offensive videos being taken of other female students are completely untrue and without merit. Except for a girl’s private film that she shared with her lover, no videos of students were discovered that are offensive, the institution continued.

What is being said by the police?

The accused student seemed to have shared a video of herself with the young male, according to Punjab’s Additional Director General of Police Gurpreet Deo, and no other students’ offensive videos were discovered. The police denied reports that some females had attempted suicide.

However, a number of students and internet users claim that the authorities made an attempt to hide the tragedy.

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