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US prodding, Before the FATF Plenary, is Pakistan Finally Prepared to Arrest Masood Azhar?

Masood Azhar, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, could be captured by Pakistan, the chairman of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) stated in October. According to Indian intelligence services, Pakistan will be under pressure from the US to publicly announce the arrest of the Jaish-e-Mohammed chief.

According to the F16 and World Bank deals, it is true that the US is supporting Pakistan. However, US wants action on terrorism. We have grounds to assume that the US has informed Islamabad of anything regarding Azhar, a Pakistani official following the country told CNN-News18.

Masood Azhar is one of India’s most wanted terrorists, and his capture would be viewed as a major win by New Delhi, albeit there are still questions over whether Azhar would receive ISI hospitality after his arrest

India has consistently utilised the FATF platform to ask Islamabad to take action against him because they believe he is at a Pakistani safe house in Bahawalpur. Pakistan, however, asserted that it had already accomplished the majority of what the FATF had requested. According to the country’s foreign office spokeswoman on September 14, “Pakistan has now been rated complaint/largely compliant in 38 out of 40 FATF recommendations, placing us among the top complying countries in the world.”

Officials point out that Masood Azhar’s CDR (call detail records), which Pakistan submitted to the FATF in October 2021, did not indicate that he was located outside of Pakistan.

India thinks Pakistan’s most recent assertion is an attempt to appease the FATF. “When it’s too hot, they just push terrorists 20 kilometres into the Afghan border before attempting to wash their hands. The National Security Council Secretariat’s former director, Dr. Tara Kartha, said that it is the same approach (NSCS)

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